Cool and Trendy Kitchen Uniforms For Your Staff

Published: 22nd November 2009
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The owner of any reputable eating establishment will ensure that his or her kitchen staff is dressed in appropriate kitchen uniforms. This is essential for two reasons - firstly for hygienic purposes and, secondly, to portray an air of professionalism. For the customer it is always a pleasure to see staff dressed in crisp clean kitchen uniforms.

The chef, waiters and other kitchen staff should all be decked out in appropriate uniforms so that they are easily identifiable. Kitchen uniforms consist of kitchen shirts, hats, kitchen pants, chef coats, jackets, aprons and shoes, all of which are available in different styles and colors. All items should be well-fitting and comfortable. Ensure that all kitchen staff wears non-slip shoes. A kitchen can be hazardous and many accidents occur when slipping on an oily or wet floor.

The most popular fabrics for kitchen uniforms are twill cotton, Egyptian cotton and poly/cotton. Most suppliers of kitchen wear offer the added service of embroidering your restaurant logo or the name of the restaurant on the uniforms in the font and color of your choice. It is customary for all chefs' coats to have the logo or restaurant name on the left chest pocket.

You can have your kitchen uniforms custom made to your own design. This will give your restaurant even more individuality, and your staff will enjoy not having to wear mass produced uniforms. Instead, they will take pride in their uniform and this will go a long way to improving their loyalty and performance.

Gone are the days when kitchen staff had to sweat it out in uniforms made of thick, heavy fabric. These days, kitchen uniforms are available in fabrics that actually keep moisture and heat away from the skin which encourages evaporation, thereby keeping your staff as cool as possible, even when the heat is really on!

Fitting your kitchen staff out in good quality, smart uniforms will always ensure that your restaurant has a clean and professional image. In addition, wearing trendy, stylish uniforms will increase morale among your staff, build team spirit and increase productivity.

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